$500 - SuperTap(TM) Flow Meter

The FM Approved SuperTap(TM) flow meter provides remote reading of flow when using your Flowbuster(TM) or Standard Playpipe. The Meter features a Patent Pending, "Convex Venturi" design that allows non-restricted, 2-1/2" full water stream to achieve higher flows per unit. The SuperTap(TM) comes with 25' flexible tubing, 2 connectors, and a pressure gauge. No need to buy another meter for smaller diameters, the SuperTap(TM) meter can be used with the 1-3/4" and 1-1/8" nozzle inserts. The SuperTap(TM) Flow Meter is less than 12in long and can remain attached to the end of your Flowbuster.
  • Item #: STFM1
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Price $500.00