$800 - FlowBuster(TM) 2-1/2" NST

The FlowBuster provides a stable platform when needing to diffuse the force of high pressure water streams. It allows access to insert a pitot tube in the emerging water stream to measure flow. Water is directed away from the device with a small vertical component to provide a downward force to hold it in place during operation. FlowBusters may be stacked to provide a concentrated platform for flow discharge and measurement. Each FlowBuster is accurate for flows from approx. 500-1300GPM. The optional Nozzle Insert extends to range below 500GPM. Flow chart provided with each order. U.S. Patent No. 7.137.568.
$800 - FlowBuster(TM)  2-1/2" NST
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  • Item #: SSFB-2.5
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